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New school blog

Hi 3J


This is your chance to share anything you want with the class. Make sure you give it a title!


You could write about:

  • The World Cup
  • School
  • Favourite film
  • Horrible Histories

Have fun!smiley


Web Quest!

                                           Chloe's web quest!

         if you want to be really smart try changing the colour of your writing!

          make sure you answer the questions in the comments below and have FUN

         also make sure you say 1) .... then 2)....

         to be entered in a raffle for 10 house points get all the questions right, then write what your            favourite question was!!!!!!!

           8 questions-5 house points

          3 questions- 2 house points 



          random yet fun questions:

  1. Name 3 most viewed places in Liverpool?
  2. Name all the members in the Beatles?
  3. what is Liverpool's national food?
  4. what author wrote 'cookie'?
  5. Name 5 disney films?
  6. What is the head of year 5? (use the school website)
  7. what is the queens middle name?
  8. name 3 characters from matilda?
  9. what is the villian in despicable me?
  10. Was this a good quiz?     

 ???        Bonus question-what is your favourite movie,tv show and school subject?

       hope you enjoyed this quiz and have a fun day!




The Secret Garden

Hi 3J!


Your task is to tell me all about your favourite part of The Secret Garden.


It might be a character, a scene or a particular place you liked the description of.


Remember your capital letters and full stops!  yes


Miss Jones




Literacy and Numeracy Homework 17-06-15

Completed by 22-06-15


This week’s homework is on line. When you have done it go onto your blog page and write what you did.


Literacy – Complete this activity


Numeracy – Play any of the fractions games you like, this is an opportunity for you to practise your understanding of fractions.

If you can’t get these games to work you could try downloading

Pizza Fractions (Brian West) or

Splash Maths Year 3 for 7 to 9 - use the fractions section.  (This needs a parent email)

Splash Maths Year 4 for 8 to 10 use the fractions section .

(both from the itunes store and they’re free)

Maths Homework 13/05/15

Out - 13/05/15

Leave blog comment by 18/05 /15


Maths Homework

Use the following link to complete the activities about graphs:

Leave a comment below on my blog.

Ms York, Mrs Inglis, Miss Jones

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