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the best WEEKEND!

so this friday I am  going with my Brownies to have night at the museaum after school so I am  going to have a night at the museaum then I am getting pict up at 10 o clock AM .then I am going to have a very relaxt weekend!.

The world

Do you guys think are world is in good condition? Do you have any ideas how to save are planet 🌏 

Lost in the snow

It was as cold as ice ,there were little snow flakes  falling in the frosty air. All of the thin,old trees wear extremly bair ,every thing was silent but all you can hear is the soft crunch of the fluffy snow.You could bairly see the plants that were trying to sprout out of the deep snow.There where mine christmas trees all around, they were a nice darck green colour but all you see was the white snow. All of a sudden I had a strange feeling that I was being folowd.


Do guys like are new Egyptian topic ?I think it was gross when we talked about it mummies.

Ice skating

Hi every one just to let you no I went ice skating with my sister last night it was so fun.can any of you ice skate β›ΈπŸ˜‰

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HI,my name is Jessie I love dogs and lots of animals I have a sister called charlotte and my brother lewis and my mum and dad. I love hanging out with my friends.My favourite hobby is dancing πŸ’ƒwhat is your favourite hobby?

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