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my weekend

I am so extided for the weekend i have two reasons, first on saturday i am going to my cousins house to have dinner at their house and all my family are going there. Seconly, on saturday im going to my Aunties house to have a party and the theme is Alice in wonderland. I am going as THE MAD HATTER. I am really exited. hope you have a lovely weekend! heart


Has anybody watched the new Aladdin yet I haven’t if you have do you recommend it?


Great fact Cameron!


All your writings are fantastic! Well done! 👍 

Winter Wonderland

As i was walking through the quiet, peaceful wonderland i could feel a minishule snoflake fall on my freezing cold nose. As light as a feather it dissapeard. All of a sudden, a snowy owl  zoomed down mightely in front of my face and dropped something which looked like a golden envelope. I picked it up slowly and looked at it whith great wonder, inide it was a message written in a ruby red quill. It said "for if you take three steps foward you will find a winter wonderland whith a great treasurure which lyes ahead of  you." I done ecxactly what the message told me, i took three steps forward and i was in a peculiar, but magical place. could this be a dream?

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I love my art and craft and i am very interested in history.

I like spending time with nature.

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