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the lion the witch in the wardrobe

Dear Diary,
tonight I was having a sleepover at my Uncle's there was me, Reece and my sister Iris I  went  to get my coat me and Reece were  

playing tag Reece pushed me over he said it was by accident but I don't believe him .now this is where the strange things start happening 

after a long 10 seconds of lying face first in the snow I stood up in pain and found myself in the middle of nowhere well to me it was but to the man on the phone or talking cow it was narnia

The world

Do you guys think are world is in good condition? Do you have any ideas how to save are planet 🌏 

Birthday party

Hey guys what on your birthday party,I am doing a lazar party

Movie night

Hi everyone.This Friday is movie night and I don’t know what movie to watch.Any ideas?


Great fact Cameron!

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