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 I'm playing tennis both Saturday and Sunday every single week. I play at a place called Palmerston Tennis Club and Sefton park.I play at Palmerston on Saturday and Sefton on Sunday.

my weekend plans

  • this weekend i am going swimming sounds exciting but for me it is only going up an down the pool indecision                                        

My plans

At the weekend I am going on a brownies sleepover to the world museam on Friday. I can't wait! I am  going with my sister as well.


On the weekend i am going to my nans house to have a sleepover and i am going to feed my fish but i might be going to make a vid for youtube and i am going to Sefton park and the playground next to Sefton park


on the weekend i got two new fish called Bubbles and Darwinheart

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