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My plans for the weekend are to ...

1.Annoy my brother(William) and my sister(Izzy).

2.Try and beat 3B onTT Rockstars.(And 3F).


Weekend plan

Hey guys,this weekend I am going to african oha.What are you guys doing?

my brilliant weekend.

I  am  going  to  my  mums  restront  we  

the best WEEKEND!

so this friday I am  going with my Brownies to have night at the museaum after school so I am  going to have a night at the museaum then I am getting pict up at 10 o clock AM .then I am going to have a very relaxt weekend!.

my weekend

I am so extided for the weekend i have two reasons, first on saturday i am going to my cousins house to have dinner at their house and all my family are going there. Seconly, on saturday im going to my Aunties house to have a party and the theme is Alice in wonderland. I am going as THE MAD HATTER. I am really exited. hope you have a lovely weekend! heart

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