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Half Term Homework

Hi there Year 5,

For English, during half term we would like you to write a blog diary. This is a recount and should be in past tense and first person. You can either do a bit each day or choose one thing you really enjoyed. We look forward to reading your adventures.


For Maths - Our last number of the week was 24 - tell me about the most unusual place you have seen this number, or numbers that make this number! You can be as creative with your numbers as you likesmiley


Ms York

English Homework 14.10.15

Your English homework this week is to revise your understanding of prefixes and suffixes by playing this game. Please leave a comment below after you've played.


enjoy yourselves

Ms York

Maths Homework 14-10-15

Your Maths task if to practice your knowledge of factors and multiples by playing this game and leaving a comment below.


Good Luck

Ms York


English 23.09.15

Your task this week is to play this game and leave a comment below.


Good Luck and enjoy

Ms York

Health Week

Health Week.


Tell me all about your Health Week.


What did you do? Which was your favourite activity.


I look forward to reading your thoughts.


Ms York

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